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Introduction and The Evidence regarding Failed Projects

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The most important thing to get right is the approach, the strategy
The complexity of modern enterprises and the technology they use are increasing rapidly
Some background on my philosophy and approach to problem solving are available here.
Here is some information about articles and papers I have published
I have a blog which relates to this sie and which references material it contains

The Evidence

Library of failed projects
Reports on why projects fail
Estimates of the cost of failed projects

Registered Zone
Analysis of the Current Methods and Approaches

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Weaknesses of the requirements and framework approaches

The Trouble with Requirements
The Trouble with Frameworks

Other factors contributing to failed projects

The Difference between Value and Benefit
The Trouble with Projects and Project Managers
The Trouble with Business Cases - Potential for Disaster
The Dunning Kruger Effect
The Trouble with Vendors - A Solutions First Approach
The Trouble with Advisors and Consultants - A Potential Conflict of Interest


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