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The golden rules of problem solving:

  • Understand your problem
  • Identify your problem type
  • How you understand your problem is critical
  • Solving problems bring value, solutions cost money
  • Solutions will introduce new problems
  • Incompetence can change a problem type
  • Problem solving is a matter of decision making. The only sensible criterion is business value
  • Don’t start a solution implementation project until you are happy you have solved, at the solution definition level, all your problems

Five bad assumptions that will destroy your project:

  1. Identifying requirements during the project will lead to a good outcome
  2. The project manager is responsible for delivering the outcome
  3. Using an enterprise architecture framework will help your project
  4. Implementing the solution will solve your problem
  5. Reports on the project’s progress are true

Five things that will increase your chances of a successful project:

  1. You have a good understanding of the problem to be solved and have defined the solution before approving the project
  2. As the project proceeds, the predicted solution is frequently matched against your increased knowledge of the problem
  3. Somebody other than the project manager is responsible for delivering the outcome
  4. Before starting the project you have identified the problems you will face when implementing the solution. These are continually updated and dealt with as the project proceeds
  5. You understand the difference between architecture (problem solving and solution definition) and design (detailed solution development)