That dangerous word “complexity”

This was posted to the LinkedIn Enterprise Architecture forum Complexity and Enterprise architecture Jacco Roest Intern graduate at Deloitte Consulting Recently, I have read the book ‘From complexity to simplicity’ of Collinson & Jay, a very interesting book. Do you also think that the enterprise architecture is the tool to counter business complexity in order to improve business performance? I Continue reading That dangerous word “complexity”

Mater CIO shows QLD Health ‘how it’s done’

An interesting post which demonstrates the difference between thinking about the problem before implementing a solution and and just leaping into a project and hoping ‘requirements gathering” will fix everything.,mater-cio-shows-qld-health-how-its-done.aspx Quote He (Mater Health chief information officer Malcolm Thatcher) told the inquiry the hospital spent nine months scoping the rostering solution, and an additional six months scoping and planning Continue reading Mater CIO shows QLD Health ‘how it’s done’

Complexity, Partitioning and Simplification

The idea that you can understand complex systems through decomposition and simplification is a fallacy. Physics and engineering theory clearly show that complex systems arise out of non-linearities in the real world and that decomposition of non-linear systems into sub-models leads to ineffective models. In other words, you can’t understand the whole system by looking at its parts, individually. An Continue reading Complexity, Partitioning and Simplification