A little PCEHR/My Health Record history

Jane Halton has just resigned. She was Secretary of the Federal Department of Health when Tony Abbott was Health Minister. They set up NEHT which in turn created the PCEHR. The problem with both Tony Abbott and Jane Halton was their perspective. They both looked at healthcare from a Federal and funding position. As such, personal healthcare was not their Continue reading A little PCEHR/My Health Record history

The problems with Healthcare

For the past couple of years I have been educating myself on the problems of Information Systems in the healthcare industry and watching and analysing the Federal Government’s My Health Record initiative. It used to be called the PCEHR and I’ve commented on it before (see the category) I have also become Chair of the Health Committee of the Australian Continue reading The problems with Healthcare

The PCEHR Review

The Department of Health has decided to engage a consultant to help them formulate their response to the PCEHR review. The focus is to be on the implementation of the system. In my view they are asking the wrong question. In eHealth there seems to be an implicit assumption that, by gathering more and more data on a patient, better Continue reading The PCEHR Review

The PCEHR Review

The Federal Government requested a review of the PCEHR last year. It was completed in December and has just been released to the public.This is the report I posted a couple of comments on Dr David More’s blog. My first comment: Recommendation 17: Clarify that the MyHR is a supplementary source of information that may, but does not always need Continue reading The PCEHR Review

Health IT and Health Information

I draw a distinction between the use of technology in health care and long-living health records. I recently went to CebIt and had a long chat with the guy at one of start-up stands. His company makes and sells health monitoring and diagnostic devices. These allow people to monitor the status of their own health and to provide diagnostic information Continue reading Health IT and Health Information

When the PCEHR went wrong

Projects are all about assumptions and decisions In my experience projects go wrong as soon as an invalid assumption or bad decision is made. Once one of these occur, unless it is detected and corrected, the project will fail. The earlier in a project this happens, the greater the impact and the harder it is to detect. In the case Continue reading When the PCEHR went wrong

The PCEHR: The AMA agrees with me.

The AMA’s submission is here: https://ama.com.au/system/files/ama_submission_to_pcehr_review_nov_13.pdf and their press release is here: https://ama.com.au/media/too-much-personal-control-reduces-effectiveness-pcehr My submission was based on the assertion that those developing the PCEHR did not understand the complexity of health information. The AMA has come to the same conclusion, although they have expressed their concerns in the language of health professionals. Here are some selected quotes from the Continue reading The PCEHR: The AMA agrees with me.

PCEHR. How not to build an Information System

You would have thought the most obvious thing to do when building an Information System is to have at least some understanding of the information you want in it. Not the PCEHR. As I explained in my unsolicited submission to the PCEHR review team: My opinion is that, in the case of the PCEHR, the root cause is a simplistic Continue reading PCEHR. How not to build an Information System

PCEHR Review

The PCEHR is being reviewed. In six weeks. Dr David More, who runs the Australian Health IT blog, has been invited to make a submission. David asked for input, and I responded with the following: David, I’m glad to hear that the enquiry is at least prepared to listen to views from the outside. I’ve been looking at the whole Continue reading PCEHR Review

Comparing the PCEHR to railway tracks.

This quote was taken from David More’s Australian Health IT blog, referring to the Personally Controlled eHealth Record (PCEHR) “Think of it as a railway, put down the sleepers and the tracks, and lo! the train has something to travel upon.” Link to the full comment This was my response: Let’s look at that simplistic statement. Sleepers and tracks are Continue reading Comparing the PCEHR to railway tracks.