The disconnect between business and IT

Happy New Year. I’ve just spent six months at a small Federal Government agency and, as usual have learned a lot about why IT fails to deliver value to the business. The IT department believes that all it takes is for them to gather requirements, design and build infrastructure and IT systems and its business users will be happy. Unfortunately, Continue reading The disconnect between business and IT

Can you cost justify Architecture

There is a discussion on Linked In “You can’t Cost Justify Architecture!!! Can you?” “According to Zachman, cost of Architecture should not be scrutinised. It is not an expense but an asset that help in bringing Alignment, integration, change and mass customisation. As an Architect agree with statement but with a business hat on will I agree to that? Probably Continue reading Can you cost justify Architecture

Architecture is just modelling by another name

What do IT and enterprise architects really do? They create models. How many architects know anything much about modelling, as a discipline? In my experience, very few. And it shows. IMHO, it’s one of the key reasons why so many large scale IT projects fail. It’s also a prime example of the Dunning Kruger effect. Many architects who don’t understand Continue reading Architecture is just modelling by another name

The Zachman framework rolls on

John Zachman will be in Sydney in February delivering pretty much the same old message he wrote about 25 years ago. I got an email today from iCMG asking me if I am “exploring Zachman Certified Enterprise Architect program”. Details are available here: My reply was “Thank you for your email, however IMHO, the Zachman framework reached its use-by Continue reading The Zachman framework rolls on

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is about understanding problems and defining solutions – from the perspective of the enterprise. There are two corollaries: An enterprise architect defines solutions, they do not build, implement or operate solutions, although they may be involved in these processes An enterprise architect looks at problems and their solutions in the context of the whole enterprise, which is far Continue reading What is Enterprise Architecture?

That dangerous word “complexity”

This was posted to the LinkedIn Enterprise Architecture forum Complexity and Enterprise architecture Jacco Roest Intern graduate at Deloitte Consulting Recently, I have read the book ‘From complexity to simplicity’ of Collinson & Jay, a very interesting book. Do you also think that the enterprise architecture is the tool to counter business complexity in order to improve business performance? I Continue reading That dangerous word “complexity”

First Australian Enterprise Architecture Conference. My paper did not make the cut.

The First Australian Enterprise Architecture Conference is scheduled for 19/20 November 2013  Details are here: I submitted my paper: Beyond the Zachman Framework: Problem-oriented System Architecture published in the IBM Journal of Research and Development, Volume 56, Issue 5, September/October 2012 (available here) Not surprisingly, it was not accepted. I say not surprisingly, because the headline speaker is John Zachman Continue reading First Australian Enterprise Architecture Conference. My paper did not make the cut.

The dangers of frameworks

A framework is a full set of deliverables that can be tailored to a particular project. IMHO, frameworks are part of solution development, not problem solving. Most frameworks (certainly TOGAF) have requirements at their heart. Requirements describe a solution. If these (at least the major business requirements) are not agreed as an input into the project, then the solution has Continue reading The dangers of frameworks