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I am Bernard Robertson-Dunn, born in the UK now living in Australia. I currently work as an independent consultant, adviser, writer and researcher into problem solving.

I have spent most of my working life using the training and expertise I acquired as an Engineer in areas other than Engineering. I have worked for vendors (e.g. IBM, Fujitsu) consultants (e.g. KPMG, Coopers and Lybrand, DMR group) and end user enterprises including various government organisations. Industries I have worked in include, finance, insurance, health, telecommunications, defence, software, electronic research and development and government, both policy and service delivery.

My training as an engineer covered Electrical and Electronic first, then Control Engineering. Control Engineering is all about understanding, designing and controling dynamic systems. At its most technical it is all about building mathematical models, developing optimal solutions and designing systems based on that understanding. At its most general it is about cybernetics and modelling of soft systems (systems where the entities and their relationships are not very precise).

Everything on this site is my opinion. There are no facts, only my understanding, based upon years of education, training and hard won experience, of how systems work and the of systems required to develop them.

Most of what I do involves modelling. Examples of my modelling work are:

  • Modelling in support of problem solving, especially Complex and Wicked Problems
  • The use of modelling to support a Systems Thinking approach to government policy and decision making
  • Infrastructure modelling of large scale Data Centre operations.
  • Modelling of The Australian Government Data Centres in order to develop a whole-of Government data centre strategy.
  • Development of a range of Architectures: enterprise, business, solution, application, data and technology.
  • System Development modelling to optimise project anagement activities.
  • Governance models in support of outsourcing initiatives.
  • A monte carlo based simulation of the Nimrod anti-submarine warfare aircraft for the Royal Airforce
  • A model to support the financial restructuring of a shipping company in Hong Kong, developed for Shearson Lehman Brothers of New York.
  • Development of a model of Brisbane City Council's bus fleet to in order to understand and develop acquisition strategies.
  • Team leader developing an International Telecommunications revenue tracking, forecasting and budgeting application for the Overseas Telecommunications Company (Australia).
  • Business Process modelling of various aspects of the Australian Depertment of Defence.
  • Functional modelling in support of application development, using technologies like Object Oriented modelling and UML.
  • "A digital computer model of the electrical activity in the human small intestine" which gained me my PhD. This modelling work introduced me to both non-linear systems and chaos - the latter only becoming obvious to me after I read James Gleick's "Chaos: Making a New Science".

In addition to this wide variety of modelling and architecture activities, I have developed a deep understanding of the technologies that underpin today's Information Systems and their development, their management and their support.

My full qualifications are

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sheffield University, UK
MEng Control Engineering, Sheffield University, UK
PhD Control Engineering, Sheffield University, UK
Certified IT Architect at IBM - not current as I've left

I have another site that discusses issues of a more general nature.


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